Ambient Occlusion (AO)

Advanced Materials

エッジ強調 (Pointiness / Edge Detection)

Baking an Edge Map Using Ambient Occlusion

Edge Detect Node for Blender 2.8

Edge Detection (FREE Edge Wear Download)

Mask Node in Blender 2.80

Baking Edge Map for Wear Edges in Blender


Pointiness Value

How to use pointiness in Eevee

Dirty Vertex Colors

Eeevee ‘Procedural’ Edge Detection

エッジ摩耗 (Edge Wear)

Worn edges in Blender

Procedural Rust Material in Blender

Cracks With Worn Edges

Extremally fast Edge map in Blender (for edge wear effects)

Procedural Edge Damage

Worn edges in Blender

Curvature / Cavity

cavity/curvature maps paint and cycles render

スクラッチ (Scratches)

Procedural Scratches

Make Procedural Scratches in Blender 2.82

Procedural Scratches in 2 Minutes!!!

ひび割れ/クラック (Cracks)

Easy Stones & Cracks in Eevee

Surface Cracks

Cracks With Worn Edges

How to make a realistic Scratched Metal Material in Blender 2.74! easy

Dynamic Cracking

カモフラージュ柄 (Camouflage Patterns)

Create Dirty Camouflage in Blender

Creating Camouflage Materials

Create Camouflage Pattern in Blender 2.80

How to Make Camouflage Texture in Cycles Using Math Node

How to Make a Procedural Camo Material in Blender

Camouflage Texture Made in Blender


Procedural Textures by Erindale – YouTube




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