Character Creator


Character Creator 3 – 3D Character Design for Animation, Game, AR and VR

Digital Human Realism for Every Designer – Morph, Skin and Makeup

Ultimate Digital Human is Here – Character Creator 3.3, SkinGen & CC3 Base+

Character Creator 3 を試してみた (4倍速)

Character Creator 4 Work in Progress #1 Enliven Any Characters

Getting Started in CC3

How to Create a Pixar Style 3D Character


Character Creator – アニメーション、ゲーム、AR、VR 向けの 3D キャラメイクソフト | Reallusion [公式]

無料体験版のダウンロード – Character Creator | Reallusion [公式]

ゲームデザイン対応キャラクター – Character Creator | Reallusion [公式]

Character Creator 3 – 誰でも簡単にリアル3Dキャラクターモデルが作成可能なソフト CC3 を試してみた! | 3D人

3DCG キャラクター生成ソフト Character Creator 3 の機能紹介ムービー | CGトラッキング

Character Creator | Too Digital Contents

Character Creator 3 Demo Videos – YouTube

Reallusion – YouTube



SkinGen Premium Plug-in – Realistic Skin Creation & Daz Texture Import for Character Creator 3



Generate Faces from Photos in Minutes – Headshot Plug-in for Character Creator

CC3 Blender Tools


Getting Started with CC3 Blender Tools for Blender Auto Setup

CC3 and iClone to Blender

CC3 to Blender to CC3: Round Trip Editing #1

CC3 to Blender to CC3: Round Trip Editing #2

Bake by Hand


soupday/cc3_blender_tools: Add-on for importing and auto-setup of character creator 3 character exports – GitHub

soupday/CC3-Blender-Tools-Plugin: Python plugin for CC3 3.44 to re-import character exports from CC3_Blender_Tools auto-setup add-on – GitHub

soupday/cc3_blender_bake: Add-on to bake CC3 characters, imported via the CC3 Blender Tools add-on, for export to other platforms or formats such as Sketchfab, glTF and Unity – GitHub

CC3 Blender Tools Documentation (



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